A Honeymoon Without the Cost

Your honeymoon is the chance to celebrate years of love ahead, but your bank account shouldn’t have to suffer in order to achieve it. Instead of flocking to tourist destinations and trading money for luxury, invest in these cheap honeymoon ideas instead.
An unforgettable honeymoon is still achievable without booking a visit to a resort or spending hundreds of dollars on airfare. Instead, use the resources available to you. One cheap yet memorable option is a road trip. Whether you plan a route or only pinpoint destinations, spending time carelessly driving with your spouse via car instead of plane makes the journey more fulfilling and the possibilities endless. You can stay at motels, cheap hotels, B&B’s, camping grounds, or even in your car along the way–perhaps rent a trailer or van for a short amount of time. In addition, the food expenses are immediately reduced because of the low price of local food. Similar to a road trip, traveling to a famous city or beach within driving distance and staying in a hotel or beach house are also suitable.
However, if you’re keen on a destination honeymoon or still want the luxury of a resort, there are still options. Uncommon honeymoon destinations such as secluded beaches in the South Coast, Caribbean islands that aren’t typical honeymoon destinations, India, Thailand, and a myriad of states in the US allow cheaper airfare and are cheaper to stay at. Another viable option is an all-inclusive resort–they aren’t as expensive as you may think and the correct one will eliminate the stress of money management. All-inclusive resorts within driving distance also get rid of airfare concerns and can save you hundreds of dollars.